Let’s picture it together

💸 You're making the most money you've ever made (like money you used to journal about years ago)...

🗓️ Your calendar is more spacious than ever, giving you time for your passions and hobbies– all of the stuff that makes you YOU  (y'know the stuff that adds more flavor to life)...

🤟🏼 AND… you’ve rediscovered your love for sales and coaching. Your business doesn’t feel as hard as it once did because you feel more equipped to handle it all…


IT’S JUST LIKE THE EARLY DAYS OF BUSINESS, but this time, there’s a bigger IMPACT, you know EXACTLY who you’re here to serve and how, and the ease is just so next level.
EVERYTHING you touch,
Everything you do,
Everything you create…
It all gives you this deep sense of… *mmmmmhhhhmmmmm*
👏🏻 TRUE satisfaction.
And the cherry on top? 
You feel more *YOU* than ever, and you're making the kind of money that only used to live in your wildest dreams.
So… what changed?

EVERYTHING. But also, nothing.
The slightest shifts, the tiniest tweaks, have become an avalanche of your desires coming at you faster than you could imagine.
You took a great business and you made it amazing.
You built a killer team who is JUST as committed to your vision and mission as you are.
You FOUND TIME FOR YOURSELF, and created space to continue growing what you built and take it all to the next level.
You EMBODIED your mission, and started living it out loud every single day.
Basically: you went ALL IN.
All in for the person at the heart of this business: you.
And THIS is just a *sliver* of the transformation that you will experience in ALL IN THE MASTERMIND with Ruthie Cease 🦚🚀

I am Ruthie Cease, your Business + Embodiment Mentor. I help rebel entrepreneurs with big visions, drive and even bigger hearts design businesses that are heart-led, make bank, and break all the rules.  I’m here to equip you with the tools and empowerment you need to scale your business from the position of an embodied CEO.  I pride myself on being the powerful embodiment of my work with clients. 

Your business should be SUSTAINABLE and SPACIOUS. During this mastermind, we will be working to create more of that for you while embodying these values…

  • Breaking the rules of the industry 
  • Leading and serving with love always
  • Integrity
  • Freedom


I believe so deeply in this industry. With my entire heart; my entire soul; my entire being.

And I know you do, too.


You’re a PHENOMENAL coach and mentor.
You’re one of the change makers.
And I know you feel like you’re just getting started.


But let’s be real for a sec… The foundation of your business still feels a bit shaky, like something’s not quite clicking.


You know you’re capable of certainty and sustainability…you’re just not feeling that, yet.


❌ You cannot build your business, the one that impacts thousands and secures generational wealth, on sand.


It needs a rock-solid foundation.


And YOU are the ONE – the face of the brand, the marketer, the teacher, the sales woman, the podcaster, the coach, the mentor…the everything.


YOU are the one that must be solid.


What we are seeing in the industry is an epidemic. SO MANY COACHES are investing in themselves, seeing results and yet... nothing is ever enough. They’re still feeling empty and unsatisfied. Their business strategies and systems are easy to create, but they’re not sustainable, scalable, duplicatable.


More and more coaches are drowning in deep dissatisfaction, unhappiness and anxiety; but it doesn’t have to be this way.


This is EXACTLY WHY we created these beautiful businesses that are extensions of our souls’ purposes – to avoid all of these feelings when it comes to our work lives.


And so many people point their fingers at the industry. Claiming that it’s unsustainable, broken, and crumbling. But I do not believe it’s the industry.


I see the issues as learned behavior, which means…change is possible if you’re ready for it.


First, it comes down to recognizing where the problems stem from:

  • It’s the hustle for worthiness mentality.
  • It’s the way we’re conditioned to use our achievements to fill a void.
  • It's how we put our mentors, coaches and other leaders on a pedestal with unrealistic expectations.
  • It’s the way we get jealous, envious and hurt when they outgrow us.
  • It’s the toxic ways we are taught unsustainable business models that sacrifice our mental health, relationships and white calendar space for financial gain.
  • It’s the unhealthy belief systems we’re taught around what it means to be a good person (aka sacrificing who you really are to fit in).
  • It’s the unsustainable pressures we place on ourselves to achieve more and more and to be more and more credible— just to be seen as enough. 




But the change starts with us.
It’s in how we do things.
How we treat ourselves, our clients, our followers, peers and mentors.
It’s in how we commit to running our businesses.


I know you’re already nodding along, because you fucking GET it.


I started Rebel Soul Inc in 2017 and my SOUL’S PURPOSE has always been clear: WHEN WE GO ALL IN ON THE HUMAN BEHIND THE BUSINESS, WE ARE GOING ALL IN ON THE BUSINESS. And… then the business inevitably grows. Ba-da-bing. Ba-da-boom.


It is safe to rebel against the norm and DO THINGS YOUR WAY.


A new paradigm is clearly upon us.


And you have an opportunity; a chance; a choice.


To do things differently.
To focus on what matters.
To put yourself first.
And go ALL IN on all of it.


I’m so proud to announce: I’m opening up a space for you and five other incredible coaches to go ALL IN on creating the internal environment for sustainable success, wealth and freedom.

This is a high-touch space for coaches who are committed AF to going ALL IN and scaling the most sustainable, easy multi-six-figure-business they’ve ever dreamed of.



This Mastermind is for you if…

  • You crave a true mastermind where there’s no hierarchy, we’re all in it together, cheering each other on, calling each other forward to lead with love and create a real legacy
  • You want to have a mentor who embodies shoulder-to-shoulder leadership. Someone who's excited to walk alongside you, challenge you, hold you to a higher standard and help you tackle any challenge in life, business or relationships- no matter what.
  • You’re ready to take what's working in your business and me it even juicier, yummier and easier. The vibe here is all about working less, making more, and serving an endless number of your soulmate clients…BUT ALSO LIVING MORE
  • You dream of a business that expands you, amplifies who you are at your core and creates a sense of stability and purpose in your life- we are talking consistent $20k+ per month range without adding more to your calendar and no more month-to-month pressure
  • You’re ready to build a team, step into the CEO role, and implement policies and procedures that support your well-being, mental health, and business goals

And, if you are someone…
  • Who is fearless, courageous AF and unapologetically obsessed with her work
  • Who is hungry for growth, coachable and a natural leader- you don't hide from the hard stuff or the truth and you love direct, straight forward yet loving mentorship
  • Who doesn't need motivation because you're already ambitious AF and a total powerhouse at taking action on your vision, desires or goals
  • Who understands the value of solid support + mentorship- you don't need mentorship, YOU WANT MENTORSHIP
  • Who prioritizes people over profit but desires massive, life changing wealth (🙅🏼‍♀️just say no to transactional relationships)
  • And just as a note (this is not a requirement), your income dances around $8k-$10k/month or more

If any of this lights a fire in your belly, you’re in the right place, my love.

Let’s go ALL IN and make magic together.



👉🏼 4 group calls per month (these calls are a mix of group coaching, guest speakers, and embodiment trainings)

👉🏼 6 one hour private coaching  calls to use during our 12 months together

👉🏼 Access to our group Voxer chat that is available for mastermind members only

👉🏼 Access to LFG Membership for the 12 months together




"Meeting Ruthie through a mutual friend was one of those rare "all of the things I've been through led me here" moments.

A moment I'II forever cherish as she was truly the first person I felt I could open my Pandora's box of money stories with and not be alone with them once they were finally out in the light of day.

She never judged, criticized or questioned my choices around money and instead helped me get to a more neutral and eventually loving place for the version of myself that made those financial decisions.

The self-work I had done prior to meeting Ruthie only expanded exponentially through one-on-one and group work with her.

Time collapsed as goals for my life were met years earlier than I thought possible, and I began to feel safe to create new dreams. I could write for days and still not put into words strongly enough about how my life has changed working with Ruthie."


"What I love about Ruthie is she's always kind. She's patient, even when it takes a few explanations for something to finally click for me. She's a mix of love and kick you in the ass, exactly what I need in a business coach."

"Working with Ruthie was the catalyst for leveling up both my business and my own self-concept as a leader and CEO. With her support, I began seeing myself differently and embodying the next level version of myself. She is the kind of mentor who ALWAYS has your back, believes deeply in you, and is committed to your vision.

Ruthie creates safety in her containers and also taught me how to create safety in my own body, to self-regulate, and to lead myself through the inevitable ups and downs of scaling a business. She also helped me stabilize 5 figure months and build out my product suite.

I am forever grateful for her guidance, leadership, and care."


"Being in Ruthie's space for the last 3 years has transformed me inside out. As someone who loves learning from her, being a part of her rebel portal was a no brainer for me. I have experienced some of the most profound healing and nervous system safety working with her not only in a group coaching and mastermind capacity but as my 1:1 mentor.

Two years into this beautiful ascension and walk with her, I'm so grateful to have her by my side as I continue to refine and deepen my leadership, my energy management, my Commitment and devotion to my craft.

Ruthie has been and continues to be one of my biggest expanders with how she leads in her life, business, motherhood, and mentorship. This woman is pure fire."





👉🏼 A tangible and integrated approach to personal growth and lasting change through reprogramming the nervous system

👉🏼 A rock-solid internal foundation that creates the perfect and most magnetic environment for sustainable wealth, success, and impact

👉🏼 A business model that not only supports your mental health and well-being but also creates spaciousness and keeps recurring cash flowing without compromising your authenticity, gifts, or values

👉🏼 Amplified and accelerated growth in all areas of your life and business

👉🏼 And last but certainly not least… the warm feeling of sisterhood, and like you’re right at HOME with like-minded, powerhouse women who’ve got your back.











Remember, you’re not just joining a mastermind; you’re becoming part of a transformative community of fierce, heart-led entrepreneurs.


You’ll have access to exclusive resources, ongoing support, and a powerful sisterhood that believes in you just as much as you’ve ALWAYS believed in yourself.


So…what do you say, are you All In?