Episode 13: 2022 RECAP

Season #3

I'm soooo happy to be back on Rebel Soul Radio and dove in with you all, podfam! This is one of my favorite times of year because of the idea of closing a chapter, celebrating ourselves with the ones we love, reflecting and setting bigger intentions for the next chapter. It’s such a powerful and purposeful time.

2022 was a DOOZY. I was loaded with challenges, which of course I came out on top, but I want to share because it’s so important to me that I remain an open book and show you all what’s possible.

In this episode... I’ll be sharing my 5 biggest lessons of 2023.

I finally spill the tea on...

My biggest obstacle with boundaries I finally mastered— and how I used this skill to set boundaries with Kev during one of the hardest times of his entire life. AND how it was a mirror for my business.

An ah ha I experienced about my clients + their results, and how it completely took the pressure off.

Jealousy + celebration + being in my bigness.

Updating pricing and navigating feelings around that

Stepping into the CEO vibe of delegation and allowing my team to do their jobs and myself to be supported— and how uncomfortable that really is.

Here are some ways to connect or work with me in 2023!





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