Episode 18: The Biggest Illusion of the Coaching Industry

Season #3

Results require massive action, staying true to yourself and thick skin. Holding the vibe and believing it's possible is only PART of the equation. Not all of it.

Unfortunately, the industry has conditioned most new(er) coaches to believe otherwise.

In this episode, I’m going to break down and teach you

  1. The illusion the industry has created that’s keeping you stuck but also causing most people to quit before the magic happens

  2. What you really need to focus on

  3. How coming from a big family helped me as an entrepreneurship

  4. Mindset shifts to strength your "ALL IN" mentality


So… Grab your popcorn, dude because we’re about to burst the bubble of the industry. Because the last thing I want is for you to feel like you have to change your niche, lower your prices, fire your coach, or QUIT because you are frustrated about your results.

Let’s have a big conversation about QUITTING BEFORE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. ANDDDD I’m about to share a secret: it’s really not your fault if you feel that way.


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