Episode 19: What You Must Master to Make $8K Months Your New Normal

Season #3

It’s clear that growing your business looks different at different levels, and one of the most common income leaps that I get questions about from you guys is: how do I make this leap from $5k to $8k or $10k months?


And truly… I think this is where a lot of coaches are sitting income-wise, most people are in this in-between and IMHO this is SO exciting!


I’m goin to break this down for you in this episode from a strategic standpoint, but also from an embodiment standpoint.


In this episode, I break down what shifted for me when I went from $5k to $8k/mo and then again to sustain $8k months.


I share...

•  How this became a time period where I truly focused on mastering specific business foundations (and yes, I'll share more)

•  What my strategy looked like at that time

•  What embodiment work I focused on at this time


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